Tim Trush
Tim is successful self-educated trader. He started his trading career as a small investor and system developer for various brokerage companies. After three years of trading as a short-term investor he has found that the key of success is strategy and discipline. "Strategy without action is a day-dream, action without strategy is a nightmare.", he often said. He mastered the market and turned a few thousand dollars into millions in three years and then he decided to quit his job. Although he loved his job, freedom was his dream. Now he lives on British Virgin Islands and trades from his yacht using a laptop with satellite Internet connection.

Julie Lavrin
Julie is a journalist and psychologist. She focused on financial news for ten years and she was interested in the markets and mass psychology. She discovered some methods for entering the market just before the crowd and making money consistently. She also explained why losing traders fail, how they behave when trading with real money and how to prevent this. This way she mastered the markets and became a successful trader. She met Tim at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas. They exchanged their ideas and worked together to put their similar trading style into mechanical rules.

Tim and Julie showed their secret trading strategy to a small group of traders in Las Vegas. They found it very interesting and brought some new ideas. A new generation of successful traders; T&J Profit Club was born.
Five years later, we decided to reveal all the secret to the world. With help from our students, we clearly explained our mechanical strategy that everyone could learn in no time! Our best student Alex F. is a millionaire. He owns a golf course and great race horses. He made his fortune by trading our strategies in the Forex market.
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