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  • Product box & Short description
    MagicBreakout is a professional Forex strategy. Starting with an unique breakout strategy and upgrading to a high profitable trend-following strategy is a good way to financial freedom.
Affiliate FAQ
How are my commissions tracked?
Your nickname is your unique ID that allows Clickbank to accurately track and award the commissions you earn. When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, this information is stored in cookies. Then he is immediately redirected to our product site. When a customer buys a product through Clickbank, Clickbank will identify you as an affiliate.
When the customer closes the site and returns back to the top domain later, will I receive commission?
When a customer orders some another product from T&J Profit Club, will I receive commission?
Yes, because all payments are made through our Clickbank account. When you refer the customer to one product, you will become an affiliate for all our products.
How much can I earn as an affiliate?
It depends on you and your visitors. Our top affiliates make thousands of dollars every month just by referring customers to our site.
More questions...
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