What is the minimum required deposit to start trading the MagicBreakout strategy?
It depends on you. You can start with as low as $200 and you can trade with microlots.
How much profit can I really make?
The income depends on your account size. Our students trade this system for several years and they are quiet profitable. The average profit is 50% per month, but some of them exceeded this return several times. We will show you exit technique of Alex Fitz who made 5400% in one year.
What money management do you recommend?
True Money Management. You will get it as a free bonus.
Why MagicBreakout Plus?
The basic MagicBreakout strategy that was found by Tim and Julie was improved by their students five years ago. The final MagicBreakout+ strategy has several advantages, safety, proprietary indicators, automated signals and unlimited reward potential.
Can I trade more currency pairs to multiple my profits?
We recommend you to trade trending currency pairs for maximum profit. The best trending pair is GBP/USD. You can trade more pairs simultaneously, but first focus on one.
I am new to MetaTrader 4.
Read the User Guide.
Where can I download MetaTrader 4?
You can download MetaTrader 4 here. It's free.
When can I start trading?
You will receive the product immediately after your order is processed, normally a few minutes after a payment is made. Try on demo first. Start making real money when you get self-confidence.
Are there any other charges?
No, this is a one-time payment for life. Any updates are free. Plus, you will get a 34% discount on other Forex products!
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